Past Events

Webinar September 28, 2021 Transform Your Engagement Practices Join the Camden Coalition’s Gladys Antelo, Renee Murray, and Victor Murray for a discussion on traditional and non-traditional care planning (inclu... Read More
Webinar September 17, 2021 Health Technology: Bridging the Technological Divide The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the barriers related to technology use among older adults. With lack of broadband access in hard to reach are... Read More
Webinar September 14, 2021 Improving the Availability of Long-Term Care A wide range of Americans rely on long-term services and supports (LTSS) for help with daily living. Nearly half of those with current LTSS needs a... Read More
Briefing September 13, 2021 Improving Food and Nutrition Security During COVID-19 and the Economic Recovery The public health and economic challenges caused by COVID-19 exacerbated inequities in food and nutrition security. Lack of access to affordable, n... Read More
Webinar September 10, 2021 Aging in Rural America: Addressing the Healthcare Shortage Over 1 in 5 older adults reside in a rural region. Often, these regions have limited resources, creating access challenges for aging adults. This s... Read More
Webinar August 12, 2021 Launching a CBO Network: Options for Function and Form REGISTER FOR THIS WEBINAR HERE. Community-Integrated Health Networks (CIHNs) are increasingly drawing attention as a method for bringing community... Read More
Webinar July 27, 2021 Medicare Advantage Innovations: What Your Agency Needs to Know About VBID REGISTER FOR THIS WEBINAR HERE. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), through the Value-Based Insurance Design (VBID) Model, tes... Read More
Webinar June 29, 2021 Advance Care Planning: What Matters Most to Your Client? REGISTER FOR THIS WEBINAR HERE. Learn how the evidence-based program Respecting Choices can help you support your clients to receive care and ... Read More
Webinar June 22, 2021 Survey Launching Soon! Your Chance to Inform the Field of Integrated Care REGISTER FOR THIS WEBINAR HERE. Join n4a’s Aging and Disability Business Institute and Scripps Gerontology Center for a brief webinar to learn how... Read More
Webinar May 04, 2021 On the Cutting Edge—Learn From Three Award-Winning Innovators About Their CBO—Health Care Partnerships REGISTER FOR THIS WEBINAR HERE. Each year, The John A. Hartford Foundation Business Innovation Award recognizes community-based organizations that... Read More
Summit April 27, 2021 Aging Policy and Advocacy Summit The National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a) has re-envisioned the in-person annual spring policy event to meet this critical moment. I... Read More
Webinar April 22, 2021 JASA’s Care Transitions Intervention for Older Adults: Integrating Health Care and Social Services REGISTER FOR THIS WEBINAR HERE. Being discharged from the hospital can be a high-risk episode, especially for older adults. To address the challen... Read More
Webinar March 16, 2021 Keeping Your Agency Out of Peril with Risk Management REGISTER FOR THIS WEBINAR HERE. Nonprofit leaders tend to assume that if they have insurance and perform financial audits, they are covered from a... Read More
Webinar February 10, 2021 Learning Through Crisis—Evaluating the Public Health Impact of Remote Behavioral Change Programs for Older Adults During COVID-19 REGISTER FOR THIS WEBINAR HERE. Since the advent of COVID-19, community-based social service organizations in the aging sector have pivoted to del... Read More
Webinar January 26, 2021 Contracts 101: Formalizing Network and Provider/Payer Relationships REGISTER FOR THIS WEBINAR HERE. In furtherance of its mission to build and strengthen partnerships between CBOs and the healthcare system, the Agi... Read More
Webinar December 16, 2020 Collaborations Between Health Care and Community-Based Organizations: How Can the ROI Calculator Help? REGISTER FOR THIS WEBINAR HERE. This webinar will introduce participants to the Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator for Partnerships to Address ... Read More
Webinar November 18, 2020 Health Disparities: Asking the Right Questions to Spark System Change in a COVID-19 World REGISTER FOR THIS WEBINAR HERE. Professionals in the Aging Network, human services and the research industry will better understand their role in ... Read More
Webinar October 28, 2020 Contracting Between Community-Based Organizations and Health Care: New Insights from the 2020 RFI REGISTER FOR THIS WEBINAR HERE. Join the Aging and Disability Business Institute and Scripps Gerontology Center for the release of new data on con... Read More
Webinar September 30, 2020 Telling Your AAA’s Story: A Guide to Creating & Implementing Your Brand REGISTER FOR THIS WEBINAR HERE. Frustrated that people don\'t know who the Area Agency on Aging is or what it does? Ever thought about how brandin... Read More
Webinar August 19, 2020 Rules of Engagement: Considerations in Forming a Network REGISTER FOR THIS WEBINAR HERE. ​You’ve got willing and interested partners, but how formal does your network need to be in order to contract with... Read More
Webinar August 13, 2020 Integrating Clinical and Community Service Delivery REGISTER FOR THIS WEBINAR HERE. This webinar will provide details and insights from an Area Agency on Aging’s (AAA) experience managing the CMS In... Read More
Webinar July 29, 2020 Health Care Contracting in the Age of COVID-19 REGISTER FOR THIS WEBINAR HERE. As never before, COVID-19 starkly demonstrates that health and prevention happen in the community. Organizations w... Read More
Webinar July 14, 2020 Lessons Learned from the n4a Health IT Learning Collaborative REGISTER FOR THIS WEBINAR HERE. This webinar will highlight the work done during the n4a Health IT learning collaborative, which was brought toget... Read More
Webinar May 26, 2020 Contracting Dos and Don’ts REGISTER FOR THIS WEBINAR HERE. This webinar addresses basic considerations for healthcare contracting. Presenter, Paul Cantrell will cover the ge... Read More
Webinar May 13, 2020 Enhancing Partnerships to Address the Social Determinants of Health REGISTER FOR THIS WEBINAR HERE. The Illinois Health and Hospital Association (IHA) has partnered with Coordinated Care Alliance (CCA) on an initia... Read More