The Aging and Disability Business Institute seeks to support aging and disability community-based organizations (CBOs) and networks of CBOs as they partner and contract with health care entities to better serve older adults, people with disabilities and caregivers. To better understand how these relationships grow and change over time, the Business Institute conducts research in partnership with our long-term partner, the Scripps Gerontology Center of Excellence at Miami University, and with funding from The John A. Hartford Foundation. This includes the CBO-Health Care Contracting Surveys, and a recent qualitative study based on interviews with Community Care Hubs/Network Lead Entities and CBO network members on data management, payment and member relations and more.

The Business Institute has also conducted research on AAA partnerships with a research team that included the Yale School of Public Health, the University of California Berkeley School of Public Health and Scripps under a grant from the RRF Foundation for Aging and the Donaghue Foundation.