Readiness Assessment

Ongoing changes in health care policies and market trends are encouraging greater opportunities for community-based organizations (CBOs) to build and expand formal business partnerships with health care organizations. Cross-sector partnership opportunities are encouraging CBOs to adapt and change in many ways in order to successfully attract and retain health care partners.

This tool was designed to help your organization gauge its current level of healthcare partnership readiness and offer examples of what the stages of readiness look like across a series of readiness areas. The tool offers resources to improve your understanding of the many business and management topics covered.

Your organization will benefit most by completing this assessment as a team, rather than individually, and by carefully considering each question. You may want to review all questions first before answering them, in order to be best prepared to accurately complete the assessment.

The assessment consists of six competency modules. You may answer all the questions at once or leave the assessment and return to complete remaining questions later. When completing the assessment tool, you will be prompted to answer each question using a scale of 1 to 4:

1 = Not Started
2 = Beginning
3 = Intermediate
4 = Advanced

Prior to starting this readiness assessment tool, you may find value in reviewing case studies on organizations that have successfully established business partnerships with health care organizations:


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