The Aging and Disability Business Institute (Business Institute) is led by USAging in partnership with the most experienced and respected organizations in the Aging and Disability Networks. Together, we provide community-based organizations (CBOs) with the tools to successfully adapt to a changing health care environment. CBOs can use these resources to enhance their organizational capacity and capitalize on new opportunities to contract with health care entities and diversify their funding.

The overarching vision of the Business Institute is to improve the health and well-being of older adults and people with disabilities through improved access to quality services and evidence-based programs. Access to these programs can help older adults and people with disabilities live with dignity and independence in their homes and communities.

The Business Institute supports aging and disability CBOs in effectively contracting with health care payers and providers. Connecting CBOs with health care entities leads to improved integration and coordination of medical and social support services that can improve the quality of life for older adults and people with disabilities.

As the national leader in building the business acumen of CBOs, the Business Institute consistently looks ahead to improve the future of aging and disability services.

The Business Institute is made possible through generous support of our funders.

Partners & Funders

Led by USAging, the Aging and Disability Business Institute is proud to receive support from the partners and funders listed here. 


The Aging and Disability Business Institute is administered and staffed by USAging. Meet the staff.

Consulting Services

The Aging and Disability Business Institute’s Consulting Program consists of nationally recognized consulting firms, partners and individual consultants. The Consulting Program helps community-based organizations successfully adapt to the challenges and opportunities presented by today’s fast-changing health and long-term care marketplaces.