Contracting Dos & Don’ts – Part One of a New Multi-Part Contracting Toolkit

When health care entities contract with aging and disability community-based organizations (CBOs) to support the needs of older adults and persons with disabilities, they can help improve health outcomes and create cost savings. However, contracting with health care entities can prove challenging for many CBOs. As a result, the Aging and Disability Business Institute’s new multi-part Contracting Toolkit will help prepare CBOs for contracting work by exploring the critical elements of CBO-health care contracts.

The first part of the toolkit, Contracting Dos and Don’ts, provides an overview of basic elements and provisions CBOs may encounter as they pursue contracting arrangements with health care providers and payers. Contracting Dos and Don’ts is accompanied by A Lexicon of Contracting Terms, an index of common contracting terms that will help your CBO navigate contract discussions. Together, these two publications cover the basics of health care contracting, helping your organization identify and understand the fundamentals of contract work.

In addition to Contracting Dos and Don’ts and A Lexicon of Contracting Terms, the Contracting Toolkit will include two forthcoming publications Insurance in Contracting and Information Technology Requirements, Protocols and Standards for Contracting Resource Guide.

Read Contracting Dos and Don’ts and take a look at A Lexicon of Contracting Terms to learn more about how your CBO can be better prepared to your next contracting discussion.