Success Stories

Get inspired by community-based organizations (CBOs) who have innovated their way to success in health care collaborations! Learn best practices, uncover new approaches to problems, and get energized by all the exciting partnerships happening across the country.


Navigating Obstacles in Cross-Sector Partnership Development: The Camarillo Health Care District Story

In this Partnership Profile, learn how the Camarillo Health Care District, one of the two runners-up for The John A. Hartford Foundation 2019 Business Innovation Award, navigated the challenging landscape of cross-sector partnerships and succeeded in improving health outcomes among older adults in its community.   Navigating Obstacles in Cross-Sector Partnership Development: The Camarillo Health Care …

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How Partners in Care Foundation Leverages a Large-Scale CBO Network to Improve Health Outcomes for One of California’s Largest Health Plans

In this Success Story, learn how the Partners in Care Foundation (PICF) found success in partnering with California’s health care sector and pioneering cross-sector partnerships through a medical-social integrated model of care.   How Partners in Care Foundation Leverages a Large-Scale CBO Network to Improve Health Outcomes for One of California’s Largest Health Plans …

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How the Boulder County Area Agency on Aging Is Building Demand for Cross-Sector Partnerships in Their Community

In this Success Story, Boulder County Area Agency on Aging (BCAAA) shares their long-term commitment to building up their service infrastructures and aligning their work with community needs through cross-sector partnerships. Learn more about BCAAA’s approach. Partnership Profile: BCAAA …

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How Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley Replicates Its Cross-Sector Partnership Successes

In this Success Story learn how Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley (ESMV) created innovative change through their mission focused culture of service by cultivating partnerships across health and social sectors. Their cross-sector partnership model not only reduced health care costs, but improved the health outcomes of the older adults and disability community they serve …

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How CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions Uses Data to Activate Services Faster and Deliver Value in Health Care Partnerships

In this Success Story learn how CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions (CICOA), an Indiana-based Area Agency on Aging, improved health outcomes and incentivized health care partnerships through a data-centric approach. Read the Partnership Profile Success Story to learn more about how CICOA’s work creating happier, healthier community members and satisfied health care partners. Partnership Profile: CICOA …

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Making the Case For Health- Related Services as a Key Component of Health Care

Contracting with health care organizations requires Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) and other community-based organizations (CBOs) to move from service-based reporting to alignment with clinical outcomes and, ultimately, to demonstrate lower health care costs, via reduced hospital readmission rates or other measurements. Providing individuals with person-centered options counseling and assessments, and connecting people with services …

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Serving Veterans through Collaboration A Veteran-Directed Home & Community-Based Services Program

This Aging and Disability Business Institute Success Story provides an overview of the structure and history of the partnership, discusses the nuts and bolts of the operations and the role of each partner, and describes lessons learned. The insights provided demonstrate how AAAs and CILs can partner to provide VD-HCBS. Read the Success Story to …

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Colorado Springs: The Independence Center’s Veteran in Charge Program

Innovation in integrated care is happening everywhere. From hospitals to health plans, doctors’ offices to outpatient clinics, traditional health care players are increasingly partnering with community-based organizations (CBOs) to deliver critical services that keep people living independently and with dignity in their homes and communities for as long as possible. The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) …

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Innovative Thinking that Successfully Meets Payers Needs

This Aging and Disability Business Institute resource features the multi-payer approach to health care contracting implemented by Partners in Care Foundation (Partners), a community-based organization (CBO) located in San Fernando, CA. Partners was successful in securing contracts with Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), but the program was at risk of failing as there was no existing …

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