Home & Community‐ Based Services Brokerage Design Guide: A road map for establishing a brokerage for home and community‐based services

For years, health care and social supports have operated as two different systems of care, often resulting in uncoordinated care riddled with gaps and duplications in services for a consumer of both health care and social systems. This heavily divided system of care, which fails to prioritize individual needs or preferences, often results in poor health outcomes and escalating health care costs. A single resource for health care organizations to secure community‐based support services for medically complex individuals can better coordinate the two systems and result in improved health care outcomes.

This toolkit, developed by the County of San Diego Health & Human Services Agency, Aging & Independence Services, in partnership with Collaborative Consulting and the Home and Community‐Based Services Design Team, provides a framework for analyzing the feasibility and potential demand for a local brokerage as well as the suggested actions for implementation.

Establishing a community-based brokerage can provide access to a network of quality home and community-based services (HCBS) that supports individuals in receiving the right services, at the right time, and in the setting of their choice.

A case study with components of the process undertaken by the County of San Diego is included with the guidelines to illustrate the concepts of the guide.

View the resource: HCBS Brokerage Guide_San Diego AIS