Effective Management of High-Risk Medicare Populations

 This 2014 report, produced by Avalere Health and supported by The SCAN Foundation, provides an in-depth look at the effective care management of high-risk Medicare beneficiaries.

Three key best practice strategies are highlighted.

1. Identify the full range of risk factors: Exclusive focus on medical conditions limits a plan’s ability to identify and manage spending for the members most likely to incur the highest Medicare costs.

2. Improve data collection with a well-developed health risk assessment: Improve risk stratification and care coordination targeting by investing in the HRA process as a source of powerful, relevant member information.

3. Implement targeted care coordination programs to drive outcomes and ROI: Our analysis has revealed the potential for substantial cost savings when transitions are managed care the care continuum of care.

The insights and information in the report are relevant to community-based organizations (CBOs) looking to find and articulate the value of services they provide to potential health care partners.

View the resource: Effective Management of High-Risk Medicare Populations