Meet Our Consultants!

The USAging Consulting Services program works with health and social care experts from across the country to offer tailored approaches to address consulting interests and needs for AAAs, community-based organizations (CBOs), states, associations and community care hubs (CCHs). Our team brings deep knowledge and expertise to support organizations in preparing and responding to business needs and  opportunities at the intersection of health and social care. A list of typical consulting project areas can be found on our webpage.


Our individual consultants include:


Ali Shirvani-Mahdavi (Cybele Consulting)

Ali has worked with health care entities and CBOs using his expertise in data analytics to identify areas for opportunity, showcase return on investment, and analyze risk in program offerings. His skills also help organizations develop frameworks for expanding services, showing impact, and analyzing health equity data to present the financial value of addressing health related social needs. Ali’s expertise focuses on transforming raw data into actionable insights.


Jonathan Haag (Wrinkle Innovations)

Jonathan has held leadership positions at an Area Agency on Aging, spearheading strategy and innovation efforts which led to him to overseeing CICOA’s research institute and venture studio.  His expertise in business administration, marketing, and building business cases has secured capital for many projects and facilitated partnerships for CBOs using venture philanthropy. Jonathan’s brings a keen understanding of the business intelligence needed for nonprofit sustainability.


Karin VanZant (ClearLink Partners)

Karin has a range of experience in translating health and social care practices including blending and braiding government funded programs. She has worked with several state Medicaid offices to support care integration to address social determinants of health barriers and works with organizations in building business practices centered health equity. Her work with managed care has focused on cross-sector partnership development, in addition to having a team experienced in helping agencies navigate the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) accreditation process.


Laurie Pferr (Pferr Consulting)

Laurie has a wealth of expertise in aging, disability, and health through her decades long work with the New York State (NYS) Legislature and NYS Office for the Aging. She has worked on drafting and negotiating legislation, budget and funding proposals, and has built a broad base of knowledge of programs, policies, laws and regulations related to the Older Americans Act. In her role with the state, she has led initiatives related to innovation in program design and developing program reporting and guidance on program development, implementation, and monitoring practices. Additionally, Laurie has extensive knowledge in advocacy, alliance building, and working with federal, state, local and community organizations.


Lori Peterson (Collaborative Consulting)

Lori works with clients who deliver or invest in healthcare, aging, public health, and human services, including foundations, associations, community-based organizations, government entities, and healthcare organizations. She helps clients conceptualize, design, and implement new strategies such as cross-sector partnerships, capacity-building programs, and organizational leadership structures. Each project is rooted in assessment, wherein organizational readiness for change and advancement is assessed. Additionally, the team at Collaborative Consulting offers a range of expertise, including policy and market research, qualitative research, network development, and healthcare payment mechanisms.


Sharon Williams (Williams Jaxon Consulting)

Sharon specializes in the administration of government funded healthcare programs, especially Medicaid and Medicare. She leverages her health plan executive leadership experience to support community-based organizations with business development and strategic planning, health care compliance and quality assurance programming, policy interpretation and implementation, and relationship building across sectors. Sharon also provides expertise in embedding diversity, equity and inclusion best practices across an organization and networks of providers.


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