Transform Your Engagement Practices

Join the Camden Coalition’s Gladys Antelo, Renee Murray, and Victor Murray for a discussion on traditional and non-traditional care planning (including the Camden Coalition COACH model), and engagement styles that are essential to providing whole-person care to individuals living with needs beyond healthcare. Learn more and register here. 

In Pursuit of Seamless Integration: The East New York Health Hub

How do you integrate primary care & behavioral health services in areas with high rates of poverty, violence, psychiatric hospitalizations, & chronic disease? Hear how Jeanie Tse and Ana Miguel of the Institute for Community Living, and Pavithra Jaisankar of Community Healthcare Network are improving community care through the East New York Health Hub. Learn more and register here. 

How to Navigate SDoH Impacts on Health Behaviors and Outcomes

Preventative care. Care compliance. Medication adherence. Hospital admissions. Emergency department visits. Health engagement. Consumer experience. What is the common thread across these health behaviors and outcomes? They are all strongly connected to the individuals’ underlying social and economic vulnerability. To influence health behaviors and outcomes, healthcare organizations must make investments to integrate health and social …

Addressing SDOH Through Partnerships Between AAAs and Health Care Entities

REGISTER FOR THIS WEBINAR HERE. This webinar presents a mixed methods study focused on: understanding how highly partnered Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) in regions with low levels of avoidable healthcare utilization for older adults establish and maintain partners in healthcare and other sectors; and, understanding how such partnerships are catalyzed, developed and sustained. This …

Addressing Social Isolation Through Health Care Contracting

REGISTER FOR THIS WEBINAR HERE. Experts are increasingly concerned about the impact of social isolation on the health and well-being of older adults, and th is concern has intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic. Health plans also have recognized the critical need to address social isolation among their members. In this webinar, presented by USAging’s Aging and …