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The Gift of Experience vs. The Stress of Isolation: Older People Share How They’ve Made it Through the Pandemic

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Older adults have suffered more illness and death from covid-19 than any other group. How are they faring as the pandemic enters its third year?

KFF’s Kaiser Health News (KHN) and The John A. Hartford Foundation will explore that question in depth in a 90-minute interactive web event beginning at Noon ET on Wednesday, Feb. 23.

Judith Graham, KHN’s Navigating Aging columnist, will moderate the discussion among a panel of nine older adults from diverse backgrounds, bringing to light their experiences in their own words. Too often, voices like theirs are not featured prominently in stories about the pandemic.

Rani Snyder, Vice President, Program at The John A. Hartford Foundation will make introductory remarks.

Questions will include: How have people handled the persistent stress? How have their lives changed? What are their most significant challenges? What needs are not being met? What sources of strength and comfort help sustain them? What are their hopes for the year ahead?

The panel will include African American, Latino, White, and LGBTQ+ older adults. Among them are a nursing home resident in Maryland, a couple living in a retirement community in Pennsylvania, a man with Alzheimer’s disease from Nevada, a divorced couple who live together and help each other from North Carolina, a single woman living alone in Minnesota, an activist who cares for his bedbound wife in Dallas, and a woman who lives in affordable housing in New York City.