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How CBOs and Healthcare Organizations Can Create Mutually Beneficial Partnerships for Equity

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Partnership with healthcare organizations can help community-based organizations (CBOs) achieve financial sustainability—and help healthcare partners deliver ground-level services to address social needs and advance equity. But many CBOs, including those that employ CHWs, and healthcare partners struggle with creating and maintaining those relationships. HealthBegins and the National Association of Community Health Workers (NACHW) invite you to learn more about the challenges and benefits of these partnerships, along with strategies for making them sustainable and effective.

This webinar will also walk you through The One-Stop Shop For Healthcare & Community Partnerships, a resource library for these clinical-community partnerships, curated by HealthBegins and supported by the Commonwealth Fund and the Nonprofit Finance Fund. Join us to discover the tools and resources available and identify opportunities to put them into action.

Learning Objectives:

• Identify the essential building blocks of clinical-community partnerships.
• Navigate a resource library they can utilize to strengthen clinical/community partnerships.
• Describe at least one example of how to develop a business case for a partnership between an organization that employs CHWs and a health care entity, such as a managed care plan.

• Rishi Manchanda, MD, CEO, HealthBegins
• Denise Octavia Smith, MBA, BS, CHW, PN, SFC, Executive Director, NACHW
• Aurora GrantWingate, Member & Partner Engagement Associate, NACHW
• Maria Lemus, Executive Director, Visión y Compromiso

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