Aging and Disability Business Institute Launches Fifth CBO–Health Care Contracting Survey

The Aging and Disability Business Institute wants to hear from you! Participate in our Community–Based Organization (CBO) and Health Care Contracting Survey by telling us about your health care contracting experience—and help inform the field of integrated care.

Your response will be vitally important to understanding how CBOs and networks are contracting with health care entities to provide services to older adults and people with disabilities in a rapidly evolving market. The Business Institute will use the feedback we receive from the survey to develop targeted resources that help raise the visibility of CBO–health care contracting and educate policymakers and health care professionals on the growing capacity of CBOs for this work. We want to hear from all types of aging and disability CBOs and networks regardless of whether they are currently contracting with a health care entity.  

As an added bonus, organizations that complete the survey will be entered into a drawing for a complimentary registration to a conference of their choice, valued at up to $900.

If your organization has already received a unique link to complete the survey, please use that link. If you have not received a unique link for your organization, the survey is now available to all.

Take the survey now!

If you have questions about completing the survey or are experience technical issues, contact the Survey Helpline at (855) 359-3033 or

Learn more about the CBO–Health Care Contracting Survey on the Business Institute’s website. Thank you for taking time to share your organization’s valuable insights on health care contracting!