Tools to Accelerate Cross-Sector Partnership Development

This webinar previews the four tools designed to help Community-Based Organizations (CBO) accelerate cross-sector partnership development efforts. As part of a learning collaborative established by the Aging and Disability Institute (ADBI) to develop multiple approaches that will advance integration between CBOs and health care organizations, four tools were developed. Collaborative Consulting and a team of CBO leaders with a range of experience in pursuing and launching cross-sector partnerships designed the tools. The initial set of tools will guide CBOs through processes such as conducting a market assessment, analyzing the competition, vetting opportunities and building a rationale for partnership.


Lori Peterson launched Collaborative Consulting in 2010 on the eve of healthcare system reform, when uncertainty prevailed. She understood that the challenge facing health- and social-care organizations would be reinvention, not preservation of the status quo. Her current project focus is on the design and implementation of cross-sector partnerships, community-based care networks, capacity building programs, and leadership redesign initiatives


Learning Objectives:
•     List four CBO cross-sector partnership development tools that will soon be available on the ADBI website;
•     List details of the design process that was used to develop and test the tools;
•     Describe how to navigate the process of using the tools; and,
•     Describe how ongoing utilization with structured frameworks and practices provided via the tools can enhance and accelerate your partnership development efforts.