The Field Guide to Managed Care: A Primer

The world of health and LTSS service delivery and payment is moving increasingly into more managed care arrangements, with capitated reimbursement, a focus on care integration and coordination, and new incentives for interdisciplinary collaboration. Community-based organizations (CBOs) serving older adults and people with disabilities are poised to step up and become meaningful partners with traditional health care payers and providers in the quest to improve care, bolster population health, and lower costs.

A new edition of the American Society on Aging’s (ASA) Generations journal focuses exclusively on the opportunities and associated challenges managed care presents to CBOs in the aging and disability networks. The Field Guide to Managed Care: A Primer is a comprehensive roadmap outlining everything a CBO needs to know in order to understand, prepare, and succeed under various managed care systems. Topics covered include:

  • The history, landscape, and outlook of managed care
  • Identifying and building specific competencies for successful managed care partnerships
  • A number of case studies highlighting innovative CBO-health system managed care collaborations

Dive into this incredibly useful resource to learn how CBOs can, and are, rising to meet the challenges and promise of managed care!


View the resource: The Field Guide to Managed Care: A Primer

graphic of the cover of ASA's Field Guide to Managed Care Journal. Features a graphic of two figures working together to link a maze against an orange background.