P4P: Support MCO Performance-Based Payment Programs with Quality Measures & Cost Modeling For a Competitive Market Advantage

Direction Home Akron Canton Area Agency on Aging & Disabilities has developed a solid foundation of pay for performance integration that supports organizational goals, which in turn provide for competitive market positioning. Through data collection, analysis, cost modeling and dashboard reinforcement, Direction Home successfully supports informed decision-making changes toward performance quality, cost-effectiveness and compliance administration across the organization.

This presentation, part of n4a’s annual 2017 conference, walks through what pay for performance can do for other AAAs and how it can be applied to support organizational goals that encourage staff performance advancement. The slides detail the process for tracking and analyzing P4P metrics against performance data collection and how to identify the most important statistical evidence to the support current and future business decisions for pay for performance excellence. 


View the resource: P4P Support MCO Performance Based Payment Programs With Quality Measures & Cost Modeling For A Competitive Market Advantage (PDF SLIDES)