Demonstrating and Measuring Quality in the New Managed LTSS Paradigm (2017)

Demonstrating value through the quality of your AAA or CBO services can be an effective way to build and expand new business relationships. This presentation, part of n4a’s 2017 annual conference, focuses on the types of measures you can easily report on, and also how you can provide upstream benefits by impacting the measures that health plans must report on and be evaluated by.

In addition, the presentation highlights measures applicable to long-term services and supports currently in development. The measures that managed care organizations want reported are shared, and you will learn the “how” from an AAA and a health plan about the practical implementation of quality improvement initiatives that meet the needs of both those providing LTSS and their contracting partners.

View the resource: Demonstrating And Measuring Quality In The New Managed LTSS Paradigm (PDF SLIDES)