Breaking Down Barriers in Care Coordination: Partnering with MCOs to Provide Language Services for Beneficiaries

As Medicaid Managed Long-Term Services and Supports continue to grow across the country, it is important to ensure that vulnerable beneficiaries, particularly those who speak limited English, are given support to navigate the transition and are provided with culturally competent services. The Coalition of Limited English Speaking Elderly (CLESE), composed of more than 50 ethnic, community-based member organizations, works with managed care organizations (MCO) across Illinois to address this challenge. This web seminar will highlight the work of CLESE’s Language Access Center in offering interpretation services and assistance to MCO care coordinators, focusing on the partnership between CLESE and Humana-Independent Living Systems. It will describe its achievements in improving communication between limited English speaking older adults and MCOs, and also describe challenges and lessons learned along the way.

CLESE won The John A. Hartford Foundation 2018 Business Innovation Award. The Business Institute established the Innovation Award in 2016 to celebrate innovative community-based organizations (CBO) that have made transformative strides toward a system of integrated care, improving the quality of life for older adults and/or people with disabilities, by partnering with healthcare entities.


Participants in this October 17th webinar will be able to:

• Understand the importance of cultural competency and language when providing services to beneficiaries in managed care;

• Identify best practices in cultural competency and translation when working with limited English speaking elderly; and,

• Understand the steps involved in building a successful partnership between a CBO and a health organization.


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