Becoming a Good MLTSS Partner

In recent years, under new federal waivers, states have begun contracting with private managed care organizations (MCOs) to deliver managed long-term services and supports (MLTSS). Organizations providing managed LTSS are partnering with area agencies on aging (AAAs) and other community-based organizations (CBOs) to deliver these services. Because of their deep experience with LTSS, AAAs are natural partners to managed care organizations newly responsible for LTSS. For this partnership to thrive, it is important for AAAs to understand both the needs of the populations they serve and what health plans expect of them.

In this presentation, from n4a’s 2016 annual conference, The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), the nation’s largest accreditor of health plans, shared insights from its research on person-centered goals for people with complex care needs and tools for CBOs to become more effective partners with health plans, including how to effectively measure quality improvement and implement quality improvement initiatives.

Kristine Thurston Toppe, Director, State Affairs, Public Policy, NCQA, Washington, DC
Suzanne Burke, President and Chief Executive Officer, Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio, Cincinnati, OH
Erica Anderson, Senior Health Care Analyst, Quality Measurement & Research Group, NCQA, Washington, DC
Chad Corbett, Vice President of Long Term Care, Mercy Care Plan, Phoenix, AZ

View the resource: Becoming a Good MLTSS Partner

View the resource: Becoming a Good MLTSS Partner (PDF of slides)