A Matter of Mindset: CBOs Must Master “Outside-In” Thinking to Partner Up and Deliver Quality, Cost-Efficient Care

In this ASA Aging Today article from July-August 2016, Victor Tabbush, health care consultant & Emeritus Professor at UCLA Anderson School of Management, challenges community-based organizations (CBOs) to shift their organizational mindset to accommodate new, more business-oriented processes and procedures in an effort to best position themselves to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the burgeoning health care-partnership landscape. 

Tabbush explains the “Outside-In” mindset a CBO needs to adopt, which is more externally focused on capturing and proving value for a partner than it is on doubling down on an organization’s internal strengths as the main driver of sustainability. Because of traditional funding and evaluation mechanisms encouraging greater focus on “process” than “outcomes”, and “volume” over “value”, transitioning to a more external organizational culture can be a challenge for CBOs. But Tabbush lays out helpful strategies to get your on the way to making the shift, optimizing your procedures, and preparing to seize the opportunities around you.

View the resource: A Matter of Mindset-CBOs Must Master Outside-In Thinking to Partner Up and Deliver Quality, Cost-Efficient Care