Your Comprehensive Guide to Health Care Outreach and Messaging

Communicating clearly and effectively about your organization’s capabilities removes one of the biggest barriers to health care contracting for aging and disability community-based organizations (CBOs), allowing for successful cross-sector partnerships and healthier communities. The Aging and Disability Business Institute’s new Health Care Outreach Toolkit guides aging and disability CBOs seeking partnerships and conducting outreach with potential health care partners.

Developed in collaboration with Partners In Care Foundation, the Health Care Outreach Toolkit highlights the importance of conducting targeted outreach and tailoring your CBO’s messaging to create successful cross-sector partnerships with health care entities. This toolkit provides messaging and outreach guidance for the most common types of health care partners such as Medicare Advantage plans, Medicaid, hospitals, accountable care organizations and more.

Whether your CBO is new to health care contracting or has years of experience, the Health Care Outreach Toolkit can help your CBO develop, refine and enhance its messaging to potential health care partners. Read the toolkit.