What Can a CBO Do to Enhance a Hospital’s Performance?

We all know that cross-sector partnerships are an effective strategy for addressing social determinants of health and improving the health and well-being of older adults and people with disabilities. They can also improve operational and financial performance for hospitals and health systems.

These partnerships create new opportunities, but only if CBOs position themselves as offering viable solutions to the challenges that hospitals face.

With this in mind, the Aging and Disability Business Institute asked Collaborative Consulting to develop a guide that highlights the incentives leading hospitals and health systems have to pursue a cross-sector partnership as a performance improvement strategy.

In the guide, we:

  • Highlight five critical issues that affect hospitals’ bottom line.
  • Explain the health care reform programs that create pressure to address this issue.
  • Provide pointers to help CBOs identify potential partnership opportunities in their own market, and
  • Put all of this into perspective by sharing highlights from current cross-sector partnerships that are producing value for hospitals and their CBO partners.


The better CBOs understand the pressures that hospital leaders face to improve not only health outcomes for individuals but also financial and operational outcomes for their own organization, the better those CBOs can position themselves as valuable partners. Find out what you need to know by reading our guide.

Cross-Sector Partnerships: Incentives for Hospitals and Health Systems