Tools to Accelerate Cross-Sector Partnership Development

Cross-sector partnerships can be a powerful way to improve health care for older adults and people living with disabilities—and they demonstrate the extraordinary potential that can result for both health care systems and hospitals. Yet, without the right tools and information, these partnerships can be difficult to build and sustain.

As a part of the Aging and Disability Business Institute’s (Business Institute) Trailblazers Learning Collaborative to advance partnerships between community-based organizations (CBOs) and the health care industry, four new tools were developed by Collaborative Consulting and some of the CBO industry leaders participating in the Business Institute’s Trailblazers Learning Collaborative to help make the partnership development process easier to navigate for other CBOs.

This set of tools is the result of discussions among CBOs that have successfully navigated the process of building partnerships with health care—and will help other CBOs successfully navigate some of the complex processes encountered when building cross-sector partnerships. Specifically, the new tools will help guide CBOs when conducting market assessments, performing competitive analysis, vetting opportunities and building a rationale for partnerships. A preview of these new assessment tools was provided in a webinar held this week. The new set of assessment tools will be made available to all on the Business Institute website this fall. Stay tuned for the announcement.

If you were unable to join this webinar, you can still learn about these new assessment tools from the recording. Be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming events and webinars like this one by checking our events calendar here.