The Marin Center for Independent Living: Serving Beyond the Safety Net

The nonprofit Marin Center for Independent Living (MCIL) in San Rafael, Calif., has for nearly 38 years provided advocacy services to people with all types of disabilities, including older adults, to allow them to remain at home. Their mission is “To assist persons with all types of disabilities to achieve their maximum level of sustainable independence as contributing, responsible and equal parts in society.”

To achieve, honor, and amplify that mission in a transforming care environment rife with funding challenges takes ingenuity and a willingness to take risks. MCIL and its leadership embody this boldness, and are ready and eager to innovate.

This Success Story, produced by the American Society on Aging (ASA) as part of its work with the Aging and Disability Business Institute, and featured in its Nov-December 2016 edition of Aging Today, features an in-depth interview with Eli Gelardin, MCIL Executive Director. In his own words, Gelardin describes the entrepreneurial mindset that MCIL adopted to grab hold of new opportunities to move the organization into the future in a smart and sustainable way. Read about MCIL’s various endeavors surrounding building business capacity and integrated care, including its participation in an Administration for Community and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services pilot project, and efforts to modernize and boost its business acumen through a grant from the Marin Community Foundation.

Check out the full interview, and get inspired by the innovation that is happening across the aging and disability networks!

Marin Center for Independent Living: Serving Beyond the Safety Net