The John A. Hartford Foundation Business Innovation Award: Recognizing Powerful Partnerships Between Community-Based Organizations and the Health Care Sector

 While the Hollywood awards season wrapped up a few months ago, the Aging and Disability Business Institute is revving up for its yearly recognition of superstar community-based organizations (CBOs) that are shining in their partnerships with the health care sector.

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2nd annual The John A. Hartford Foundation Business Innovation Award. The award was inaugurated in 2016, as part of the Foundation’s grant support of the Aging and Disability Institute, to acknowledge and celebrate the successes of CBOs that are successfully partnering with the traditional health care world to improve the lives and care of older adults and people with disabilities.

We now have increasing evidence that amazing things can happen when social service and medical providers team up to coordinate and integrate the care they deliver, addressing not only the clinical issues patients face, but also tackling the social determinants of health that contribute so powerfully to an individual’s holistic well-being. When the medical and social fields come together in a meaningful and sustainable way to support true population health, care quality improves, cost savings accumulate, and people are empowered to live more dignified, independent lives in their homes and communities.

To that end, The John A. Hartford Foundation 2017 Business Innovation Award aims to spotlight those CBOs that are taking bold actions to concretely move their organizations in the direction of integrated care. This work often entails a willingness to embrace new partners, processes, people, and payment systems. To live up to the “innovation” in the award’s title, CBO nominees should be able to show how they have used new strategies to pursue and implement sustainable health care partnership models that are improving the quality of life for older adults and/or people with disabilities.

Nominees will be judged on a weighted scale based on four criteria:

  • Partner in establishing new relationships with health care entities;
  • Innovator in pioneering new business models;
  • Achiever in improved integration and quality of life for older adults and/or people with disabilities; and building sustainable funding models for the future; and
  • Risk-taker in pursuing new approaches to doing business and aligning leadership and staff in new directions.

As The John A. Hartford Foundation works to create age-friendly health systems, we will need the kinds of effective and innovative CBOs that this award recognizes. Please spread the word about this award and encourage the superstar organizations that you know to apply.


Nominations should be submitted no later than Friday, May 26th, 2017, to be considered for The JAHF Business Innovation Award. Email nomination to: Karen Homer at


Nomination Form for 2017 The John A. Hartford Foundation Business Innovation Award