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Using Evidence-Based Programs to Promote Age-Friendly Health Systems

REGISTER FOR THIS WEBINAR HERE. Presenters will give participants background on the Evidence-Based Leadership Council (EBLC), its role in selecting and promoting evidence-based programs and its Program Locator function. The presenters will describe the Age-Friendly Health System’s initiative and its goals. Age-Friendly Health Systems follow the 4M’s framework to provide appropriate care: What Matters—aligning care …

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Building Age-Friendly Health Systems

When Susan Shelton’s 99-year old father, Chet, was a patient at the Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC), he received care that was tailored specifically to his needs. This unique experience is all due to AAMC’s Age-Friendly Health Systems initiative. The initiative aims to significantly improve care and quality of life for older adults through personalized, …

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