New Tools to Help Your CBO Research Health IT Platforms

Health information technology (IT) systems allow organizations with the ability to record, store, protect, retrieve and share administrative, clinical or financial information—and are key to supporting efficient service delivery and reporting needs required by health care entities. For aging and disability community-based organizations (CBOs), vetting and selecting the right Health IT platform can be a challenge.

The Aging and Disability Business Institute’s newest tool helps aging and disability CBOs research and evaluate different health IT systems to ensure the system they end up selecting best suits their needs. The new Health Information Technology Grid provides a framework for evaluating health IT systems by laying out attributes that can be useful to aging and disability CBOs as they conduct a thorough evaluation of their health IT system options.

The Health Information Technology Grid was developed in partnership with the Western New York Integrated Care Collaborative and the Illinois Public Health Institute. This resource has been adapted and tested by members of the Business Institute’s Health IT Learning Collaborative.