Project Healthy Bones

Citation: Nanduri, F. (2018). Pilot Study for Implementing an Osteoporosis Education and Exercise Program in an Assisted Living Facility and Senior Community. Journal of Applied Gerontology, 37(6), 745–762.


Project Healthy Bones (PHB) is a 24-week, peer-led exercise and education program for older adults at risk of osteoporosis.


Residents from an assisted living and senior community program were enrolled after medical clearance. Participant demographics, geriatric fitness assessments, exercise logs, quizzes, and surveys were collected at baseline and 24 weeks. Data were analyzed using paired t tests and ANOVA of change scores for the pooled data within the R statistical environment.


Forty of the 53 enrolled participants completed the program. Participants improved their strength, balance, posture, and flexibility, resulting in a reduced risk of falls and fractures. In addition, their knowledge of bone health, nutrition, and fall prevention increased.


Offering low-cost disease-specific programs such as PHB helps minimize the complications of osteoporosis and improve the overall health of participants. Implementing disease-specific public health programs in assisted living centers can increase access to programs.