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Making the Value Case for Complex Care

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Demonstrating value to internal and external stakeholders is critical to the success and growth of complex care programs. Research shows that the value of complex care goes far beyond simple financial return on investment ― value is multi-faceted and varies based on the audience. Recent work supported by The Commonwealth Fund and led by Lauran Hardin, MSN, CNL, FNAP, FAAN, and collaborators at the Camden Coalition’s National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs provides new insights and useful tools to help complex care stakeholders establish a value case to internal leadership, as well as partners and payers.

This Better Care Playbook webinar, made possible through the Seven Foundation Collaborative, will explore how individuals in the complex care field can incorporate a multi-faceted approach to measure and demonstrate value for diverse stakeholders. Speakers will discuss how program design and partnership with organizational finance leaders can bolster the value case and generate sustainable financial support for complex care programs.

In addition to describing the value case framework, this webinar will feature executives from Regional One Health in Memphis, Tennessee who will share how they have used the value case framework to support major investments in the health system’s complex care program and larger ecosystem. CEOs from Illumination Foundation and Housecall Providers will discuss how they have built successful value cases for programs serving people with complex needs.

Health care providers, payers, and other interested stakeholders are invited to join this 60-minute event.

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