Service Type: Disease Management

Date of Study February 2, 2023 PEARLS delivered by community health workers/promotores Background:  While depression is a leading cause of poor health, less Read More
Date of Study August 19, 2022 Take Heart Background and Objectives To assess the impact of an evidence-based Read More
Date of Study February 12, 2016 Living Well with a Disability Approximately 56.7 million persons in the United States have functiona Read More
Date of Study January 3, 2018 Living Better Beyond Pain/Vivir Mejor Más Allá del Dolor Background Patients with chronic pain often lack the skills and resour Read More
Date of Study October 26, 2010 Informatics for Diabetes Education and Telemedicine project Objectives Adherence to diabetes self care is poor for Hispanic Americ Read More
Date of Study June 22, 2018 Better Choices Better Health Diabetes (BCBH-D) Background An estimated 30.3 million Americans have diabetes mellitus. Read More
Date of Study August 16, 2011 Seniors Taking Charge of Your Health Abstract The purpose of this study was to explore the relationship of Read More
Date of Study April 10, 2014 Project Learn MORE (Missouri Outreach and Referral Expanded) (PLM) Purpose In a collaborative effort between the Missouri Department of H Read More
Date of Study December 6, 2013 Chronic Disease Self-Management Program Background Among the most studied evidence-based programs, the Chronic Read More
Date of Study April 1, 2007 Identifying Depression, Empowering Activities for Seniors (Healthy IDEAS) Abstract This study evaluated an evidence-based intervention for depre Read More