Bridging Disability and Aging to Maximize Capacity: The Oklahoma Aging and Disability Alliance, LLC

Synergies and collaborations between disability and aging services providers are a natural fit in an integrated health care landscape. Both fields are committed to providing support that keeps older people and people with disabilities safe and comfortable in their homes and communities for as long as possible, and both are facing an increasingly constrained funding environment that has forced leaders to consider new health care partnerships as a potentially substantial source of revenue and sustainability.

Ability Resources, a Center for Independent Living, and the Indian Nations Council of Governments Area Agency on Aging (IAAA), both based in the Tulsa, OK area, have teamed up to respond to the opportunities and challenges presented by these changes in service payment and delivery systems. Together, Ability Resources and IAAA have formed the Oklahoma Aging & Disability Alliance, LLC, to serve as a unified vehicle for cross-organizational collaboration and consolidated contracting with health care partners.

Read the Success Story below to learn how they did it. Gain insights from disability and aging leaders who are innovating in the face of uncertainty, and bridging outdated divides to pursue excellence in serving people in the community, while saving health care dollars and increasing organizational sustainability.

Bridging Disability and Aging to Maximize Capacity-The Oklahoma Aging and Disability Alliance, LLC