National Council on Aging (NCOA) Roadmap to Community-Integrated Health Care


The National Council on Aging (NCOA) has developed the “Roadmap to Community-Integrated Health Care“, a vast compendium of resources and tools designed to help aging, public health, and disability professionals make stronger linkages with the health care sector to achieve better health through better care with Chronic Disease Self-Management Education programming. The Roadmap provides an interactive journey with various routes that users can choose to get to the destination of community-integrated health care.

The Roadmap is an invaluable source of information and training for community-based organizations (CBOs) interested in partnering with health care entities.  The toolkit includes:



 ♦Background on Partnership Development work, including explanations of various health care entities CBOs can work with, and case studies featuring organizations successfully engaged in these collaborations.


 ♦Program Delivery and Evaluation guidance, including tips and best practices around program structure, ensuring referrals, and maintaining quality.


 ♦Explanations of the Payment and Reimbursement vehicles and policies CBOs and their health care partners can tap into to get paid for integrated care work.