Enhancing Partnerships to Address the Social Determinants of Health

The Illinois Health and Hospital Association (IHA) has partnered with Coordinated Care Alliance (CCA) on an initiative that brings together healthcare entities and community-based organizations (CBO) to enhance their collaboration. This partnership has moved the needle when it comes to addressing social determinants of health in the community, and thus meeting the whole-person needs of the individuals they serve. IHA and CCA have worked with cohorts of healthcare facilities and CBOs to increase knowledge about the underutilized services that Aging Network CBOs provide, identify patient needs in the community, discuss referral processes, review feedback systems and evaluate data exchange to improve transitions of care for individuals. This webinar will educate attendees about their program, including providing a playbook to download and use with healthcare entities and/or CBOs to implement this work locally.



Jessica Grabowski is the executive director of CCA.

Jenny Winkler is a director of Safety, Quality and Health Policy at IHA, where she works with hospitals to support and enhance their patient safety and quality work.


Participants in this webinar will be able to:

  • Discuss the implementation process of a broad population health initiative involving healthcare entities and CBOs; specifically looking at examples from Illinois that utilize hospitals and the Aging Network;
  • Describe the impact of the social determinants of health on overall well-being and how the Aging Network can address these needs;
  • List critical quality improvement strategies used to establish goals, develop action plans and evaluate program progress; and,
  • Describe how to replicate this best practice in your state using IHA and CCA’s Playbook and developed resources.