Developing Alternatives to Long-Term-Care Placement

In this webinar, the Institute on Aging (IOA) presenter Dustin Harper describes its work in California to develop alternatives to long-term-care placement for older adults and individuals with disabilities. He talks about IOA’s experience adapting a model of care originally developed with an Area Agency on Aging to multiple Medicaid Managed Care Organizations. He shares IOA’s perspective regarding the business case for alternatives to long-term-care placement and how they can complement traditional LTSS advocacy efforts. Harper also briefly describe new results from a caregiving initiative targeting the low-to-middle income population.


Dustin Harper, Chief Strategy Officer, Institute on Aging


Learning Objectives

•     Identify at least three internal capacity-building initiatives that CBOs may want to consider in developing solutions for managed care organizations;

•     Identify at least three lessons learned by IOA in adapting a model to the managed care environment;

•     Describe IOA’s business case for developing alternatives to long term care placement; and,

•     List promising results from a new IOA caregiver initiative targeting the low-to-middle income population with activities of daily living needs.