Contracting Toolkit

The Aging and Disability Business Institute’s multi-part Contracting Toolkit will help prepare CBOs for contracting work by exploring the critical elements of CBO-health care contracts. A Lexicon of Contracting Terms, an index of common contracting terms that will help your CBO navigate contract discussions. The first part of the toolkit, Contracting Dos and Don’ts, provides an overview of basic elements and provisions CBOs may encounter as they pursue contracting arrangements with health care providers and payers.

The Guide to Insurance in Contracting provides general guidance on a variety of insurance options for CBOs seeking or engaged in contracting work with health care entities. This new resource guide helps get you started with the basics of health care contracting insurance.

Model Contracts for Community-Based Integrated Care Networks includes a set of three sample contracts and accompanying annotations that help illustrate key points of how formal agreements take shape between CBOs, networks, providers and payers. Read the annotations and download the model contracts to learn about the specific provisions of various contracting arrangements.


View the resource: A Lexicon of Contracting Terms

View the resource: Contracting Dos and Don’ts

View the resource: Guide to Insurance in Contracting

View the resource: Model Contracts for Community-Based Integrated Care Networks