CBO Partnership Opportunities with Medicare Advantage Plans

New policy changes expand the flexibility of Medicare Advantage (MA) plans to target a broad range of supplementary benefits to beneficiaries. As a result of these changes, CBOs have greater opportunities to contract with MA plans to provide services and supports that address the social and behavioral determinants of health. This January 29, 2019 webinar will provide an overview of these policy changes, examine the types of supplemental services that plans advanced in their 2019 bids and describe what to expect for 2020. Presenters will also discuss strategies for approaching plans and identifying services to market. The viewers will hear firsthand about CBO experiences and challenges in Virginia and Pennsylvania, including the pursuit of multi-prong strategies that encompass Accountable Care Organizations and health systems.


•    Kathy Vesley-Massey, President and CEO, Bay Aging
•    Paul Cantrell, Executive Director and CEO, Comprehensive Care Connections
•    Timothy P. McNeill, Independent Healthcare Consultant

Viewers will be able to:

•    Describe the policy changes to the MA program;

•    Describe how these policy changes create opportunities for partnership between CBOs and MA plans; and,

•    List strategies for approaching and developing relationships with key individuals at MA plans.


View the resource: CBO Partnership Opportunities with Medicare Advantage Plans

View the resource: CBO Partnership Opportunities with Medicare Advantage Plans (PDF of slides)