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Preparing Community-Based Organizations for Successful Healthcare Partnerships: How to Make the Business Case

This webinar, developed by n4a and the Aging and Disability Business Institute and hosted by the ASA, provides methods for making a convincing business case for community-based organizations (CBOs) intent on partnering with the healthcare sector.

Increasingly—due to recent policy and payment reforms—CBOs that provide long-term services and supports face business opportunities on which they can capitalize. But to do so successfully they must demonstrate that they are creating significant economic benefits for their business partners.

Viewers of this August 17, 2016 webinar can expect to learn about the following:

• Defining what is meant by the term business case.

• Itemizing the steps in making a business case.

• Defining the formula for calculating Return on Investment (ROI).

• Identify methods and strategies for measuring the value of CBO services.