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New Medicare Enrollees: Opportunities for MA Plans and CBO Partnerships

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Approximately 26 million Baby Boomers will age into Medicare through 2030. Many researchers describe two groups within the Baby Boomer generation: “leading-edge” and “trailing-edge.” Trailing-edge Boomers are the next wave of Medicare enrollees, while leading-edge Boomers have mostly aged into the program already. This trailing-edge population may be more likely to select Medicare Advantage (MA) products as they age into the program. As such, MA plans have begun to look at ways they can attract these new enrollees to their products. One key way they may be able to do this is by partnering and enhancing relationships with aging and disability community-based organizations (CBOs). These organizations offer many products and services that are valuable to MA plans—so they should be looking for ways to collaborate more with health plans.

This webinar will discuss how trailing-edge and leading-edge Boomers differ from one another, what health plans may be doing to attract them as a result, and how that may impact aging and disability organizations’ relationships with private payers in the future.


Nora Super, Chief of Programs & Services, National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a) and Director of the Aging and Disability Business Institute.

Sarah Thomas, Managing Director, Center for Health Solutions, part of Deloitte LLP’s Life Sciences & Health Care practice

Claire Cruse, Health Policy Manager, Center for Health Solutions, part of Deloitte LLP’s Life Sciences & Health Care practice