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Merger Readiness: What Behavioral Health Providers, CBOs Need to Know Before Considering a Merger

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Behavioral health providers and community-based organizations increasingly face an important decision. Can they continue to go it alone? Or is it time to consider merging with another entity to achieve the scale, scope and sophistication necessary to thrive in a healthcare system that continues to grow only more complex? The answer involves not only an honest assessment of your existing goals, values, market prospects, and potential partners, but a clear understanding of what’s required from a strategic and operational standpoint to make your organization “merger ready.”

During this webinar, HMA Principals Josh Rubin and Meggan Schilkie will outline what behavioral providers and community-based organizations (CBOs) need to know when considering and ultimately pursuing a potential health care merger and the steps to take during each merger phase (Pre-Merger, Merger Execution, and Post-Merger).