Aging and Disability Business Institute
Readiness Assessment Tool

As the healthcare landscape changes, community providers (of all types) are finding that there is a need to adapt to the changing environment and explore new opportunities for engaging healthcare providers and payers in partnerships. This readiness assessment tool guides your organization through the process of successfully preparing for, securing and maintaining partnerships with the healthcare sector, allowing your organization to assess the current readiness of your organization, while also providing a framework and resources for navigating the process successfully. Your organization will benefit most by completing this assessment tool as an organization, rather than individually, and by carefully considering each individual question.

Prior to starting this readiness assessment tool, your organization might find it valuable to review some case studies on organizations that have successfully navigated and completed this process:

Success Stories featured by the Aging and Disability Business Institute

Case Studies from the First Cohort of Linkage Lab Grantees

The assessment tool is broken down in to seven modules. These modules can be completed altogether or individually.

When completing the assessment tool, users will be prompted to answer each question provided on a scale from 1 to 5. The interpretation of the scale is the following:

  • 1 = Not aware; No progress made
  • 2 = Aware; No progress made
  • 3 = Aware; Little progress made
  • 4 = Aware; Significant progress made
  • 5 = Complete